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QuScore Takes the Abbreviation of Quality Score which means "Quality Score", where QuScore will always provide the best quality.

QuScore has an identity as a community for people who want to choose to live more actively and healthily by spreading the positive values and energy of sports into lifestyle and improving the quality of life of the community, through integrated health/wellness programs.

In addition to being a community forum, QuScore also has a function as a Wellness Program and Sports Agency for Brands that want to do Activation in line with the goals of QuScore.

To join Quscore, simply visit https://quscore.id/ and register yourself as a Quscore member and chose the activity.

Activities that you can participate in are Training Running, Zumba, Yoga, Poundfit, Strong Nation, High Intensity Interval Training.

You can visit Instagram @quscore.id to find out what activity updates will come.

For now, the routine activity held by Quscore is a running program held every Wednesday night located at Plaza Timur, Gate E Gelora Bung Karno.

You can simply join the acrivity program held by quscore.